Bluebird Solar and Light combines the experience of four energy professionals in central Idaho. Our team includes a professional engineer, a licensed and solar-certified electrician, a business manager with a long list of professional energy certifications and an engineer-in-training. Licensed, insured and ready to help you!

What is Solarize?

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Bluebird Solar and Light provides residential & commercial solar installations, helps businesses save money through LED lighting, and provides specialized energy services.


Design and installation of complete solar PV systems for commercial and residential clients.


-Fixed energy costs for up to 40 years
-Reduced electrical bills
-Increased property value

-Less short-term tax liability
-Leadership in energy sustainability


Savings potential, design and installation of commercial LED lighting for retrofits or new construction.


-Reduced operating costs
-Less maintenance
-Improved lighting quality
-Lower power demand
-Take advantage of utility incentives


Analyze current practices and identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and utility costs.


-Generate electricity with small hydro
-Lower overall demand at your facility
-Increase efficiency with Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
-Explore other energy saving options

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Installations Completed by Bluebird Partners

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"You are a rock star.  This is the culmination of all your hard work.  The bill for this month at this house last year was almost $1,000 . . . You have made life in this house possible.  January to February in a cloudy low sun part of the year."


Steven and Bonnie G.

"John is  very knowledgeable and professional.  He answered all our questions and explained how the system works that was easy to understand.  He has always responded in a timely manner whenever we had a question.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is considering a solar project."

George K.


"Dear Bluebird Solar And Light:

As a bluebird of happiness, my new PV Solar System is a wonderful asset to my property and source of joy as my power bill has been paid for the last three (3) months.


Thank you for your assistant and professional care during this installation process!"


Joan D.

"John Reuter provided knowledgeable and responsive support to our solar panels system design and installation; he was here when we needed him before, during and after.  And we still feel we can call on him!"


Susan G. and Jim K.